About Us


The Non Surgical is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize skin care. LED technology has been used by industry professionals for decades —and with incredible results, too. While salon-based treatments showed tremendous potential, daily exposure to the LED lights was essential for maximum benefits. This inspired The Non Surgical to design and create personal skin care devices that could easily —and reliably—be used at home, resulting in quicker and longer lasting results.

Each of the The Non Surgical devices makes use of the latest technology, and are effective, non-invasive alternatives to time-consuming salon treatments. Rather than simply treating skin issues on the surface, we have created devices that stimulate changes within your skin at the deepest level, and with each device featuring at least two different modes, you will be able to tailor your treatment to suit the specific needs of your skin.

All The Non Surgical Cosmetics products have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety while providing a comfortable and effective treatment at the same time. Backed by medical science and suitable for any age, skin tone, or skin type, LED skin care therapy is supported by many leading board-certified dermatologists around the world and is truly believed to be the future of skin care.